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Our story

La Chica restaurant opened in 2014, it is the fruit of an adventure led by its owner Christelle José in the heart of Latin America. The cultural richness brought by this trip inspired Christelle when creating her recipes. Former construction worker and with a strong desire for professional retraining, Christelle then turned to catering, a field that always fascinated her. Her plan was to create a fast-food space in the neighborhood of Saint-Marc-Sur-Mer that did not exist before and therefore attract more people to the seaside resort. Thanks to her workforce, her determination for success and her culinary skills, La Chica managed to make a name for itself, to be recognized in the neighborhood, and thus, became a compulsory cross point. Christelle has been keeping the business going since the start of this great adventure. Today, more and more faithful customers come to share a friendly moment in this little piece of paradise.


 La Chica is situated in Saint-Nazaire in the seaside neighbourhood of Saint-Marc-sur-mer, a few steps away from the “Plage of Monsieur Hulot”, a beautiful beach that became famous since the shooting of the french movie “Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot” directed by Jacques Tati: this is the ideal place to rest and relax in the sun after eating a good bagel.    Saint-Marc-sur-mer became a must-see neighbourhood that is filled with tourists in the summer and where the residents live in the most authentic and enjoyable way. Peaceful and charming, it is especially pleasant to stay there for a weekend or for holidays.

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The menu

On site or to take away

Option A

Either Bagel, Fajita or Focaccia




softt drink(33cl alcohol-free)

Option B

Either Bagel, Fajita or Focaccia


Either homemade French fries, soup or dessert


softt drink(33cl alcohol-free)


Chica   Chicken- Sun-dried Tomatoes - Salad

Saint-Marcois   Pastrami - Organic “Tomme” Cheese - Salade

Biquette   Goat Cheese- Bacon - Honey- Tomatoes - Salad

Rouge   Chorizo - Red Fried Onions - Sun-dried Tomatoes - Salad

Rose   Smoked Salmon - Red Onions - Sprouted Leek Seeds - Salad

Végé   Organic “Tomme” Cheese - Sprouted Leek Seeds - Dried Onions - Salad


Mexicaine   Chicken- Tomatoes - Salad - Red Fried Onions

Pacha Mama   Sprouted Leek Seeds - Tomatoes - Salad - Red Fried Onion - Sun-dried Tomatoes


Italienne   Chicken- Red Onions - Rocket- Emmental Cheese

Ruben   Ham - Tomatoes - Rocket - Organic “Tomme” Cheese



Homemade French fries

Homemade Soup (available depending on the season)

Homemade Dessert (desserts of the day) 

Les Boissons

Soft (33 cl can)

San Pellegrino (50 cl)

Cristalline Water (50 cl)

Fruit juice (20 cl)

Coffee or Decaf

The or Infusion

Beer(25 cl bottle)

Wine (12 cl glass)

Contact us

18 rue du Commandant Charcot, 44600 Saint-Marc-sur-mer

Phone number


During season: from Monday to Sunday 12PM-3PM / 7PM-9:30PM

(The restaurant remains open in the afternoon for ice cream sales)

Off-season: Monday 12PM-2:30PM

Tuesday 12PM-2:30PM

Wednsday 12PM-2:30PM

Thursday 12PM-2:30PM

Friday 12PM-2:30PM / 7PM-9PM

Saturday 12PM-2:30PM / 7PM-9PM

Sunday 12PM-2:30PM


"Passing by St Marc sur mer, we discovered by chance this small fastfood restaurant. The sandwiches are really delicious, the products are fresh, fennel soup, yummy! French fries with fresh and not frozen potatoes are excellent, in short, with my eyes closed, I would definitely go back! 😉 Thanks" - by Cherruault Laurent

"Best “fast” meal, perfect welcome, great food and homemade french fries, a delight” - by Louis Jubaud

"A restaurant that has become a must for bagels, fajitas, soups, fries and homemade desserts! It’s beautiful. It’s good. It’s cheap. And besides, they always receive you with a smile" - by Ananstasia Lequeux

"Everything is delicious: bagels, wraps and foccacias. Only homemade and you can feel it! Nice decoration and the staff is always very nice. Very reasonable price. Sun terrace or take away dishes with beach 2 steps away. It has almost become our Sunday ritual. Don’t miss it! 😉" - by Herlindune

"We stumbled upon it by accident and were happy to have done so. Tasty fajitas, good fries and a very friendly service. If you go for a walk on the coastal road, this is your stop for lunch" -from jjjhol